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Reforms Phase I

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politics – Clint’s Nolan Chart – 20020718 – slightly inaccurate but good (Photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL))

#I wrote this on PG on 13th Oct 2010. And posted on FB Notes on 30th Jan 2011. 

We have been for long talking about changing the role of the government from being the regulator to that of a facilitator. It is impossible for the government and its administrators to handle the role of a regulator successfully. Therefore, Indian bureaucracy, which have people selected through one of the toughest exams and who boast of great knowledge and ability, are overburdened. This burden can be reduced if we make them the facilitators and not the regulators. Thus, they will be able to use their knowledge and ability in the right direction.

There is a scheme suggested by Finance Ministry of the alternative solution to PDS system. I would like to implement that. It is based on practical thought and behavioral economics. If you want details then read Chapter 2 of Economic Survey 2009-2010.

In India, we discuss about the bad situation of sports other than Cricket. I would like to implement the strategy used by administrators of cricket to bring it to the fore for other sports as well. A private club consortium structure for all the sports body will be the first step towards that goal and the government will provide tax benefits to the body. The government will act as a facilitator by running stadiums and giving them to these bodies on annual rent.

The foremost reform that I would like to see would be in the working of political parties. I would like to bring in the regulation/law for the internal functioning of the political parties. Members of a political party will follow career service, i.e., they will join at the lowest rung and will have to make their way to the top by working effectively. Pre-independence democratic structure of Indian National Congress will be the basis of any such regulation or law.


Electoral Reforms

Election Commission of India
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In June this year (2011), 7th Regional Consultation on Electoral Reforms  was held in Guwahati. A number of measures have been proposed by various committees on different issues.  I am just copying them from its press release for ready reference. These measures, including the ones proposed by previous Committees, on the issue of Electoral Reforms are:

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My Political Ideology

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The other day while reading “India after Independence” by Bipan Chandra, I was overwhelmed by thoughts about India and its politics. Soon I was thinking about my political ideology and myself. I have always been confused about this and my opinions in favour of any political ideology have been very frail and feeble. I have always been unsuccessful in deciding which ideology interests me and since the day I have started understanding politics I have been indecisive about my political loyalty.

While discussing various issues in different fora – online and offline – I have come across people who subscribe to a particular ideology and are religiously loyal to a particular political party. There have been people whom I can easily term as ‘fanatics’. They fail to understand that there can be difference of opinions and go a little far from civilized form of discussion.  What I fail to understand is that when we say nothing in this world is perfect, how a person can form his political ideology based on a single direction given by that ideology and how a person can be truly loyal to a single party and follow its ideologies under any situation. Daily I receive several threatening and abusive comments on my blog. Thanks that I have the power to moderate and trash such comments.

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Why G-20 is a failure or will be one?

Prof. Nouriel Roubini, the famed economist who is credited with predicting the global financial crisis comments on the utter failure of the G-20 in giving global leadership.  Recently he cited reasons for this failure. I am just putting them down here and awaiting comments, if any. This is available on internet elsewhere as well.

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Gandhi and his view on Religion and Politics

As per Gandhiji, Religion is a moral order and different Religions are sets of belief systems and rituals. This is the reason he advocated entry of Religion into politics but not Religions into politics.  Gandhi wanted India to be secular, based not on majority of any religious community but on the representatives of the whole people without distinction of religion.

Implications of the M.S. Gill precedent statecraft

Read an article with the same title on Hindu by Harish Khare. Here is my opinion on the issue.

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