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Reforms Phase I

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politics – Clint’s Nolan Chart – 20020718 – slightly inaccurate but good (Photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL))

#I wrote this on PG on 13th Oct 2010. And posted on FB Notes on 30th Jan 2011. 

We have been for long talking about changing the role of the government from being the regulator to that of a facilitator. It is impossible for the government and its administrators to handle the role of a regulator successfully. Therefore, Indian bureaucracy, which have people selected through one of the toughest exams and who boast of great knowledge and ability, are overburdened. This burden can be reduced if we make them the facilitators and not the regulators. Thus, they will be able to use their knowledge and ability in the right direction.

There is a scheme suggested by Finance Ministry of the alternative solution to PDS system. I would like to implement that. It is based on practical thought and behavioral economics. If you want details then read Chapter 2 of Economic Survey 2009-2010.

In India, we discuss about the bad situation of sports other than Cricket. I would like to implement the strategy used by administrators of cricket to bring it to the fore for other sports as well. A private club consortium structure for all the sports body will be the first step towards that goal and the government will provide tax benefits to the body. The government will act as a facilitator by running stadiums and giving them to these bodies on annual rent.

The foremost reform that I would like to see would be in the working of political parties. I would like to bring in the regulation/law for the internal functioning of the political parties. Members of a political party will follow career service, i.e., they will join at the lowest rung and will have to make their way to the top by working effectively. Pre-independence democratic structure of Indian National Congress will be the basis of any such regulation or law.


Air India and Its Future

Air India 777-300ER VT-ALS
Image by BriYYZ via Flickr

Air India is India’s national flag carrier. Over the years it has lost its fervour and there has been plenty of reforms to make it work and bring it out of the losses it has incurred.  It is continuously facing financial crisis. For instance see the following figures:-

  • As of March 2011, Air India has accumulated a debt of Rs. 42,570 crore (approximately $10 billion) and an operating loss of Rs. 22,000 crore, and is seeking Rs. 42,920 crore from the government [1].
  • For the past three months (June, July, August, 2011), the carrier has been missing salary payments and interest payments and Moody’s Investor Service has warned that missing payments by Air India to creditors, such as the State Bank of India, will negatively affect the credit ratings of those banks [2][3].
  • A report by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) blamed the decision to buy 111 new planes as one of the major causes of the debt troubles in Air India; in addition it blamed on the ill timed merger with Indian Airlines as well [4].

These facts prove that unfortunately none of the efforts to revive have fared well and it keeps on adding to its losses. Despite this, the government doesn’t seem to have lost faith and is not ready to give up. It is still trying to reform it. However, it should be kept in mind that reforming something that malfunctions without understanding why doesn’t it work can only make things worse.  There have been many efforts and we have tried different approaches and all the experiments have failed. Now, is the time to take definitive steps to remove the burden of a lame horse from the shoulders of the tax-paying citizens.

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Right to Property Debate

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In recent times, there have been multiple incidents where farmers were protesting against the Government as it took away the land from them without paying the adequate compensation and against the wishes of many farmers. The whole debate about Right to Property needs to be re-initiated under this background. The Right to Property, which was enshrined in the original Constitution of India, as Fundamental Right should be re-instated by voiding the changes made by 44th Amendment Act of 1978 in this respect.

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Government and Its ever-increasing Organisations

Recently there was news that a high-level meeting convened by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh decided to set up an autonomous Nuclear Authority of India to address people’s safety concerns.  The proposed Nuclear Regulatory Authority will be an autonomous body answerable to Parliament. It will subsume the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board. The government will introduce a Bill to this effect in the monsoon session of Parliament.

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Happy Republic Day

Happy Republic Day to you all.  May this year the republic of India is not cheated by its sons and daughters.

Wish that all the scams and scamsters will retreat with the Beating Retreat. And as the pious lights will glow Rashtrapati Bhavan, North Block, South Block and Parliament, these scams will fade away and disappear but with scamsters prosecuted for Sedition!!

Wish that I could watch Beating Retreat Live!! But no issues, I will definitely watch it on Doordarshan!!

Happy Independence Day

I would like to wish all of my fellow citizens Happy Independence Day.
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Enlightenment leads to reawakening and reawakening leads to reformation!

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