Hope for Pope

The Pope’s recent speech in which he condemns Islam has caused a furore all over the world. This act of his has not only caused anger and rage amongst Muslims but have also led the world to the verge of division. There was a problem named Bush, but now Pope has also came into the league.

Pope should also remember that Church’s (medieval) own history has been violent. The world should also understand that Islam is a religion and Islamism is a political ideology.

I think I should stop. I don’t want to be the part of any contoversies. I just hope that Pope’s visit to Turkey is successful and he returns safely.



# Written on August 8, 2005

From the very beginning of humanity, human beings are fighting with each other to gain supremacy and to acquire power – power to control others. The homo sapiens, as we are called, are the supreme animals – that have brains to think and power to control and tame other less advantaged animals. For thousand and thousands of years that we have seen on this mother earth there has not been a single era in which we have not fought or tried to show others our power.

Whether it has been Alexander-the Great, Ashoka, or the Great Mughals, we have always fought and wars have been our most favourite occupations. We never tried to avoid or prevent wars. Wars are the events that have provided us an opportunity to prove our supremacy, power and skills.

Wars have given very less to us, especially in comparison to the grievous losses that they have incurred on our society. Every continent, every country, every island and everybody on this earth have suffered the aftermath evils of wars. The future after the wars has always been grim and never easy. The sufferings and losses have been tremendous. The world has always changed for the survivors of the war – families have been broken, friends been lost. Wars have always been tragedies that were avoidable if we had been a little more sensitive, thoughtful and humane in our action.

We have seen and faced many wars. From Waterloo to Iraq, various wars have been fought – always there has been one winner and one looser – but in totality the human has lost in each of the battle that have been fought. The wars have given nothing to the winners but the losers have lost much. Most of the times wars have happened when the countries involved were growing steadily on the path of development. These wars have always been a setback to the development of the nations that were involved in the war and the other nations of the world.

Nothing is Well

Nothing is going well. Nanaji is not doing well and is in ICU at Fortis Hospital Noida. We are just keeping ourfingers crossed and hope for a positive outcome.

Call Center Memories

Yesterday I read ‘one night @ call center’ by Chetan Bhagat. Thanks to Vishik for lending me his book. Let me tell you that I read it because of my anger for the recent Cost Cutting carried out at one of the BPOs in NCR. The book was light and a good one to read. I could think of myself as among the team members working to generate revenues for our company’s client. AHTs, FCRs, CSATs, DSATs, SPOS, etc and everything swirled my mind. The night shifts, Military calls after 0000 hours, team meetings and the emphasis of APM and TL on SPOS and CSATs and AHTs, all kept flowing inside my mind till I slept. And then the day came when I resigned from the company. It felt that I have left a part of myself. It was really a fun. Chatting with Americans over phone, trying to imitate a foreign accent and after the call reverting back to same old and purely ours Indian accent.We were playing roles as if we were actors. And that too without any re-shots. There was a danger of a Red Flag rising on getting wrong somewhere during the call and it was a common issue. I used to love my job. But there was no job satisfaction, socially. So I left it in hope of a better job!!!!!


It has been a long time since I started this blog, but never posted anything on it except a one time post on new jobs. Now, onwards I will be posting everything on this blog that I feel and want like sharing with others.

So keep watching my blog!!!!!!!!


# A letter to Sunanda Mainji on 1st May 2006

Respected mainji,


This was a long weekend and we have a holiday today also on account of May Day. So, we decided to visit OOTY and COONOOR.

We left Mysore on Saturday morning at 2am by taxi. It takes nearly 6 hours to reach OOTY. We reached OOTY at 6:30am. We slept till 10am. At 11:30am we left the Guest House and went to see OOTY Lake. After boating we hired a Taxi for sight-seeing. We visited Pykara Lake and Pykara Falls. The lake was extremely beautiful. Falls were okay but not of the types that we find in Himalayas like that in Mussoorie and Nainital. But we enjoyed a lot. From there we went to Biological Garden. Then we went to market and ate dinner. We returned to the Guest House at 11:30pm. We went to the market nearby to drink tea. Next day, ie on Sunday, we left for the rly stn to catch the Toy train for COONOOR. But the tickets were already sold and the counter was closed. So again we hired the same taxi for Coonoor. First of all we went to see Dodabetta – the highest peak of OOTY.

From there we went to Coonoor. We visited Lam’s Rock, Dolphin Nose View points and also a tea factory. Then we left for OOTY and reached OOTY at 3:15pm. We bought chocolates from the market as Ooty is famous for HOME MADE CHOCOLATES. We ate pizzas in lunch. At 4:30 pm we reached Guest House. At 6:30pm bus came to pick us and we left for Mysore.

The route between Mysore and Ooty passes through Bandipur Wild Life Sanctuary. We were lucky enough to see a tiger, snakes and deers on the road.

We reached Mysore at 11:30pm and our campus at 12am. We played basketball for sometime and returned to our rooms at 1:30am.

That was brief description of our Ooty-Coonoor trip. We have taken many photographs. Will show you when we meet.
Rest is fine.




Palak Mathur


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