Recommendations of Bhargava Committee

Key structural changes proposed by the R.C. Bhargava and Ajit Balakrishnan committees set up by the HRD ministry

IIM Societies

  • A substantial donation should be made to become a member. Society to be trimmed to 20 members.
  • Investment to be treated as equivalent to having an equity in a company
  • Society will ratify appointment of board members and directors

IIM Boards

  • Practice of including people from various walks of life should be given up
  • Number of members to be between 12 and 14
  • No restriction on number of times a person is appointed to the board
  • Boards should review faculty performance


  • Should function as CEOs. Designation should be changed to President-cum-dean.
  • More financial and administrative powers
  • Should serve five years. No restriction on reappointment.
  • Incentive amount in the range of Rs 10 to Rs 20 lakh annually


  • Annual targets should be set
  • Performance-linked pay in addition to normal pay
  • 160 hours of teaching mandatory
  • Should be selective in attending academic conferences
  • Should be divested of administrative responsibilities
  • Should be deeply involved in serving on company boards and industry associations

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