How to read India Year Book?

India Year Book is published by Publication Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India and is considered a “raam-baand aushadhi” for UPSC Preparation. It is actually named as Indialike India 2011, India 2012. India 2011 was published at the end of year 2010 or at the starting of 2011, so it covered everything that happened in and until 2010. The complete name is India ABCD  – A Reference Annual, where ABCD is the year of publication.

It has lots of data and it is really hard to read it and the question of remembering anything doesn’t comes up. 😉 So how to crack such a tough nut. Here is what I did? It is a very silly way but this is how I did it.

There is one book available in the market called India ABCD At A Glance (based on India (Pub. Divn’ India mentioned above)) published by New Vishal Publication. It is again one book that you cannot read as it can be termed as notes of India YB. It throws so much data at you without any references that it becomes even hard to read it. So, this cannot be the solution either.

Here is what I did to read India YB. As New Vishal’s India (henceforth known as NV) is a copy of India YB (Henceforth known as IYB), I tried to mix them both. So, here are the steps that I followed:-

First Sitting — Take the points from NV and find the same line in IYB. Mark all such points in I using a Marker.

Second Sitting — Now start reading IYB and put away NV. Mark any extra points you thing would be relevant. Also, keep unmarking those points that you had marked from NV, if you think that information is redundant or not required.

Third Sitting — Read only the markings from IYB in this sitting. Definitely you will be reading some lines here and there but that is okay.

Fourth Sitting — Yahan tak agar pahunch gaye…to apne charan yahan post kar dena!! Hum natmastak ho jaaayenge!! 😉 In this reading you will be referring only the markings alone

You have to do all this one after another without switching to any other subject or book. This is how I managed to read India Year Book.

53 thoughts on “How to read India Year Book?”

    1. It is only in first siting that candidates must underline all the year book. Once its done read only these underlined lines. NO matter how times you read. Frequency of reading and revising increases near exams. But this India Year Book cannot be ignored as it contains all important facts and most of the times questions are directly asked from this book.

    2. Yeah, India Year Book is very important one. I thanks thos blog owner for writing the significance of this book. We have also provided free Synopsis of India Year Book for all the candidates preparing for civil services exam.

  1. Hi
    will u plz tl me
    if i skip mking notes from newspaper dn how to cope up it ……is there ny magzine or special issues availabl fr it

  2. sir,
    2013 will be my first attempt and i have just started preparing for the exam. do you think one can cover the syllabus for prelims and do the necessary revision. considering one spends around 10-11 hrs a day seriously. also for the fact that i have no problem with paper2 of csat and been consistently scoring on an average 170+ from the test booklet of TMH publication(CSAT Paper 2).

        1. That’s great. You can certainly prepare for the prelims in the given time and clear it. So start preparing for it. Sit for an hour and make a schedule/time-table for the preparation. Give time for revisions as well.

  3. last year i gave my 1st attempt and i was selected for main exam.i find difficulty in sci and tech. section and general issues . i am not join any class. so please tell me how to prepare for that section

  4. India 2013 was released on 6th Feb.. So by when can we expect the New Vishal’s India 2013 at a Glance? And do we require India 2013 if we already have the India 2012?

    1. It should be out within 15 days or even less. If you already have India 2012 then don’t buy 2013. Almost everything will remains same. You can purchase India at a Glance for any new additions.

  5. Sir i am doing self study, and i have completed NCERT books from VI to X.
    Please tell me how to examine my self that i am doing right study.

  6. sir i will write the exam in 2014… then should I prepare India 2013 with notes this time and update in 2014… or I should read India 2014 at that time only.

      1. Sir, I too am preparing for 2014 exam, so should I just keep marking in the India 2013 book, or make notes about it in a copy?

        1. No need for notes. Try to do what I have told in the post. It will be much easier. Anyway, IYB is not the end of the learning. You will get plenty of information from other sources as well.

  7. Sir new vishal’s publication book is not available in my locality or online will It be a good idea to stick with only India year book ….and one more thing as I am appearing for CSE2014 so I should Go with India year book 2014( which is not out in market yet) or go with 2013 edition

    1. There are many other versions available like from Wizard, Arihant, etc. You can use them. You can stick with the old edition of the IYB as not much will change. However, visit the website of each ministry mentioned in the IYB to keep yourself updated with any new relevant data like formation of committees, new schemes, Acts, etc.

  8. From now on approximately 6 months are remaining for prelims, i haven’t studies much…just completed most of the polity(though i don’t remember it as of now), economy, geog, hist->still stuck on NCERT. Science not yet started; Environment a bit. so according to you should i make up my mind for this 2014 attempt or try next year..i haven’t enrolled myself in any coaching. if not then what do you suggest. I havn’t attempted UPSC exam yet.

    1. Hi,

      It depends. Since I was working at the time I tried myself, it took a little over a week. You may take lesser time. The key is that you don’t want to get bored reading and repeating same book.

  9. i started my prep in feb 2014 seriously…shoul i go for exam but i am well acquainted the topics and also joined test series of vaji..

  10. sir, i am preparing for kas exams how can i start to prepare with seriously and how much time take for it

  11. Hello sir,
    I have completed my 2nd year of engineering and wants to crack d upsc exam from what I can started my study what can I exactly do……

  12. I am preparing For MBA entrance exams which have gk sections. So will this book be helpful? Also for The interview rounds?

  13. sir i m an ips aspirant which is my only ultimate dream in life , i recently graduated in electrical engineering with hons.and now i am in a dilemma to go for civil services next year or not of course it’s the toughest choice for one to make at this point of life and if u think i should go then i will be grateful to you if u could please provide me your valuable suggestions and necessary guidance on this.
    Reply awaited!!

  14. India Year Book is very important book. Cannot be ignored. Only time it takes during first reading when you are highlighting the main points. After that you should read only these marked lines. Revision increases when exams approach. Moreover revision is necessary to retain facts. Questions do come directly from India Year Book in IAS Prelims Exam.

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