Book List for General Studies for UPSC CSE

For General Studies, here find mentioned the books that I referred

History: NCERT(old syllabus books for XI and XII)

India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra

Note: First complete the NCERT books. You can arrange the old books from some seniors as the old syllabus books are not available in the market.

Note2: I read new syllabus books and found some the presentation interesting. I would recommend them as well. In Main 2011, there were few questions, which could be answered reading the new books as I have full believe those short notes were picked from the new syllabus books text.

Geography: NCERT (XI and XII books, new syllabus books are also good).

Geography through Maps by Anil Kesari.

I also referred Wizard’s Geography for GS only because I was not sure about Geography syllabus.

Note: Have an Atlas handy while studying Geography. And when I say handy means, refer it whenever you encounter some geographical feature, relief, place, pattern, etc.

Polity: Indian Constitution by Laxmikanth,

Introduction to the Constitution of India by DD Basu (only if you want to)

Economy: Read NCERT books specially India Economic Development

Science and Technology: Read NCERT books (I did this)

Or You can rely on TMH Guide or Spectrum Guide.

Misc: India Year Book.

Note: Also have the syllabus handy while studying so that you do not overburden yourself with useless information. Stick to the syllabus.

Click here for CSAT Syllabus!

66 thoughts on “Book List for General Studies for UPSC CSE”

      1. hi sir, i have finished my m.b.b.s, i want to pursue ips. i am poor at general knowledge, languages, but very quick at grasping new things. i can study real hard. i was an expert in chemistry during inter. what do u suggest should i continue my studies as a doctor, or u tink i can get through upsc exam. pls reply, i really do trust you.

  1. Hello. I was about to start my general studies preparations so was browsing around. Just wanted to know whether you have already qualified for IAS or have appeared in 2012 ?

  2. Sir,
    give me suggestion tricks to study this huge can I remember all those?it will really really helpful…to know the proper way of study.
    Thank you.

  3. if you don’t mind, tell me something about DLPD for upsc cse examination. Which institute is better.

    >>>>>>> THANK YOU <<<<<<<


  5. Sir,which books to refer for Public Administration subject..???I am a novice in this field as I belong to Engineering please suggest some books that would help me to start from the scratch..???

  6. Sir I Want Best Upsc Books So Send Me Mail Books List Hindi And English With Author And Best Magazin Newspapers Year books Also Send Me

  7. sir, i am a working person and at times find it hard to cope up with the civil service studies due to time constraint. I am confused how to deal with the International Relations and with the Science & Tech syllabus (non science background). Also can you please suggest any good magazines because i am unable to go through the entire newspaper. Thanks

  8. Sir, Which book can i refer for GS – History of Modern India by Bipan Chandra (or) Spectrum’s A BRIEF HISTORY OF MODERN INDIA ?

  9. Hi sir…. I want to give exam in hindi language. Can u suggest books names for pre as well as mains mains preparation?

  10. Dear Sir,

    Do we need to refer any other books other than NCERT & Indias Struggle for Independence for History in Mains and not as optional.

  11. hi sir.

    this is chandu…

    sir i want tha exact book list for general studies for all 4 papers… in mains and prilims…. plz help me sir… i want to achive….

  12. Hi Sir,

    I am an MBA graduate and working for a MNC company since 3.5 years.

    I want to go for IAS exams. Actually, i dont know anything about it means i dont have any idea on it (how to prepare for the exam and what are the subjects i have prepare for it.).

    Can you please give me your guidance to move further, please.


  13. hi sir,, i am jafar from bangalore .. i have studied B.E mechanical. Now i would like to prepare Civil service. i dont know how to prepare and which subject i want to choose as a objective paper?? kindly give your valuable suggestion…..

  14. hi sir iam studying BE-3rd year Iam interseted in doing civils.what is the correct time to start the preparation for civils.if we start what are the tips you can give and i want the guidance sir

  15. sir i am studying btech 2nd year ECE and i am very much interested in IAS please suggest me to what can i read in these 2 years

  16. Dear maim,
    As on your advice i used to be purchase books.
    Now you please suggest me
    Maths and hindi books.

    Thanks & Regards

  17. Good Evening Sir ,
    Sir i am preparing for IAS in Hindi Medium. Please suggest me IAS mains books for Science & Technology ( Hindi) and GS Paper 4 ( Hindi ).

  18. Sir I want to know books for upsc capf a c exam for selfstudy because I am working personnel in remote area.please replye

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