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[Guest Post] Views on Terrorism by Padmaja

Trying to understand Terrorism, Padmaja tries to explore whether one can really go so far for the sake of just a belief and raises few questions on the world leadership. Read it.

One more terrorist attack & we are all forced to either think for the cause or the solution.The Attack on Delhi high court has set in the state of panic in the air once again.

In India we have the naxalites, the communist group which believes they are causing a revolution but we call them terrorists. Then there are the Tamil Tigers in Srilanka and the IRA group all of whom believe they are freedom fighters. And there are the religious terrorists who believe they are fighting for their religion.

I feel any man who is willing to die for what he believes in is a wonderful man. The problem is that there is a huge volume of anger and hatred behind it and so the end result is ugly. Otherwise a man who is willing to die for what he believes in has a wonderful quality. Isn’t it so? How many of us are really courageous to die for what we believe?

It’s just that this is happening with enormous anger and hatred against some body and that is the problem.

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Why G-20 is a failure or will be one?

Prof. Nouriel Roubini, the famed economist who is credited with predicting the global financial crisis comments on the utter failure of the G-20 in giving global leadership.  Recently he cited reasons for this failure. I am just putting them down here and awaiting comments, if any. This is available on internet elsewhere as well.

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Oct 24th was marked as UN Day. US President paid a State visit to India and gave us a hope of permanent membership in UNSC and now US has cautioned against expecting any breakthrough “anytime soon” on the UN Security Council reforms, dampening India‘s hopes for a permanent seat. Continue reading UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL REFORMS

Yojana – A journal by Publication Division

There are several books and journals that are published byPublication DivisionMinistry of Information and BroadcastingGOI. One of the journal is Yojana. Yojana is a monthly devoted to socio-economic issues and started its publication in 1957 with Mr. Khuswant Singh as its Chief Editor. The magazine is now published in 13 languages viz. English, HindiUrduPunjabiMarathiGujaratiBengaliAssameseTeluguTamilKannadaMalayalam and Oriya.

Earth Hour – Lets Make the Difference


Global Warming is a ‘global’ issue. We all know about it and its consequences. We all want to do something about the issue but don’t know where to start. So, here is an opportunity for all of us to be a part of a movement to spread awareness about Global Warming and to mitigate the growing risks due to it. Though the step is a small step, but it is only the first step towards sensibility towards our Environment that is deteriorating with time. Continue reading Earth Hour – Lets Make the Difference

United Nations Security Council – Reforms

At present UN Security Council comprises of 5 permanent members and 10 elected members. Of these former 5 have power to ‘Veto’ while latter don’t enjoy such power. The latter states are mere dumb spectators and decisioning power remains with the Big 5s. So, the UNSC is not balanced and needs to be reformed.

Is Kenya turning into a police state?

Just read an article with the same title. The people of Kenya are losing faith in their leaders and government. They don’t have faith in their president, Mwai Kibaki.

One of the Kenyan blogger writes:-
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