Technical Articles that I Like

  1. How To Become A Hacker by Eric Steven Raymond
  2. The Loginataka by Eric Steven Raymond – This is Q&A on how to become a UNIX Wizard
  3. Beating the Averages by Paul Graham – How Lisp proved advantageous for a startup?
  4. Why Python? by Eric Steven Raymond
  5. Designer, Architect, Developer by Tom Preston-Werner
  6. Critique of Java Programming Language [pdf]
  7. Six languages to master
  8. Book Review: Core Python Applications Programming, 3rd Ed.
  9. Some Lisp books (and then some)
  10. John Goerzen: How to get started programming?
  11. Croucher, Hague & Java [dead link, try Internet Archive]
  12. The Art of Unix Programming by Eric Steven Raymond [book in html format]
  13. Unix Koans by Eric Steven Raymond [book in html format]

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