187. [Book Review] The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino
186. Zurker – an Introduction to the Future
185. [Book Review] Urban Shots – Bright Lights – Edited by Paritosh Uttam
184. [Book Review] Hot Tea Across India by Rishad Saam Mehta
183. [Notes] The Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill, 2010
182. 2011 in review
181. [Book Review] Transforming Capitalism Improving the World for Everyone by Arun Maira
180. Should Capital Punishment be Abolished?
179. [Book Review] East Into Upper East by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
178. Mumbai – As I like It
177. Judicial Reforms – My Take
176. Electoral Reforms
175. Reforms in Anti-Defection Laws – Recommendations of Various Committees and Commissions
174. Have some respect for the Constitution
173. Wordle for Palak Mathur | Renaissance
172. Air India and Its Future
171. [Videos] Justice Bhagwati on the Supreme Court’s darkest hour – YouTube
170. [Guest Post] Views on Terrorism by Padmaja
169. Cash-for-vote Scandal and Case of H G Mudgal, 1951 – Waiting for Parliament to take action!!
168. Right to Property Debate
167. [Book Review] Hello, Bastar by Rahul Pandita
166. Consumer Price Index (CPI) – Draft
165. Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye
164. There is no tolerance in India
163. Need for Sex Education in Schools
162. My Political Ideology
161. Journalists and their Journalism – Damned and Doomed
160. [Book Review] Web of Deceit by Glenn Meade
159. [Book Review] Paranoia by Joseph Finder
158. USA in talks with Taliban: A question mark on USA’s intentions?
157. [Book Review] Whiteout by Ken Follet
156. Sadhu dies after 115-day fast to save Ganga
155. Genetic Use Restriction Technologies (GURT)
154. National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC)
153. Employment and Unemployment Measurements in India
152. ‘Don’t stop traffic for me’: Mamata Banerjee
151. Wholesale Price Index and Inflation
150. Minting and Issue of Coins
149. Government and Its ever-increasing Organisations
148. Government of India and Its Websites
147. Be Alert Be Secure
146. [Book Review] A Wonder That Was India Vol 2 by S A A Rizvi
145. [Book Review] A New Look at Modern Indian History by B.L.Grover and Alka Mehta
144. [Book Review] Introduction to the Constitution of India by Dr. Durga Das Basu
143. India’s child malnutrition puzzle
142. India Facing Cash Crunch on High Tax Refunds
141. Banking the Unbanked
140. [Book Review] Kadambini – Hindi Monthly Magazine
139. WHAT IS SLR, CRR, BANK RATE, REPO AND REVERSE REPOs and difference between CRR and SLR?
138. [Video] Richard Feynman on doubt, uncertainty and religion
137. English Usage Notes from OAULD
136. Yield Spread and its use
135. How do changes in CRR and SLR affect the economy?
134. What are ADR and GDR?
133. CDS : Credit default swaps
132. Avoiding emails without Subject?
131. Average Ping Response Time
130. Credit Crunch – Meaning, Example and Implications
129. Speech of Mahatma Gandhi at a Prayer Meeting
128. What are equity, bonds and debentures?
127. How to calculate GDP (PPP) and GDP nominal?
126. Why use GDP (nominal) instead of GDP (PPP) when comparing two nations?
125. [Banking in India] History
124. [Banking in India] Story of State Bank of India
123. An answer from a genius
122. Corporate Social Responsibility
121. Food security related statistics for India
120. What’s wrong with our post-harvest agricultural supply chain?
119. [Book Review] More Salt Than Pepper by Karan Thapar
118. [Book Review] Indian Memsahib – The Untold Story of a Bureaucrat’s Wife by Suchita Malik
117. [Book Review] The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream by Paulo Coelho
116. [Book Review] Early Records Of British India: A History Of The English Settlements In India by James Talboys Wheeler
115. [Schooling in India] Bishop’s Flawed Reason for Detaining a Student
114. Pune Mathur Association’s Summer Dhamaka
113. [Book Review] Northlight by Deborah J Ross
112. Time to bring Real Power in Hands of the People
111. Experts take on the high risk perception in public about nuclear power plants
110. Government considering bio-shields against tsunami
109. Isn’t using subsidized diesel for private cars a luxury?
108. Government Integration!!!! 😉
107. Right to Die!
106. ISA Centennial Jam – Right to Express
105. How did the small-ticket reform help India?
104. Why G-20 is a failure or will be one?
103. India likely to be world’s largest economy by 2050: Citi
102. Why use GDP (nominal) instead of GDP (PPP) when comparing two nations?
101. Happiness
100. LokPal Bill
99. Happy Republic Day
98. Chhau, Kalbelia, Mudiyettu in UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
97. What I am?
96. MTS MBlaze – Worst Internet Service Provider
94. Missing Delhi and Agra
93. MBA Options
92. In Search
91. Black Day for Java
90. Happy Independence Day
89. Literacy in India – An Assessment
88. Think Before You Pay
87. Shouldn’t there be a limit to Opinion-based Columns and News?
86. Views on Nathuram Godse’s Last Speech
85. Nathuram Godse’s Last Speech
84. A Tribute to the Shaheeds
83. Breaking Rules – Generation after Generation
82. A Journey from R220 to S5233
81. Changed the Template
80. India’s Income Distribution – International Business
79. Last Few Years
78. Obermann Once More by Matthew Arnold
77. Women Empowerment – Challenges and Issues
76. Even this shall pass away
75. Smarter Planet – Idea and the Involvement – Time to say THANK YOU!
74. A mail to my friends at Infosys
73. IBM – The Journey Begins
72. The Day Has Come
71. Constitution and Law
70. Socialist Capitalism – The Way to Follow
69. Escape From…Death!!!
68. Yojana – A journal by Publication Division
67. Literacy in India
66. Everyone has the right to be ignorant by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
65. Human spirit is the strongest force
64. Speech: Javed Akhtar: India Today conclave session on Spirituality – Halo or Hoax.
63. Is Left Left Behind In The Race?
62. Social and Cultural Stigma – Unwed Mothers
61. Social Media – Journey towards a New Era – “Webhood”
60. Earth Hour – Lets Make the Difference
59. Tryst with Destiny
58. Indian Culture and Moral Policing
57. Diversity and Cross-cultural Sensitivity
56. India – Sense of Belonging and Participation among Masses
55. Gandhi and his view on Religion and Politics
54. Gandhi and My Irony
53. A Take Towards Our Failures
52. United Nations Security Council – Reforms
51. Nokia 1110i – Lost it!!!
50. Yeh Jo Zindagi Ki Kitab Hai
49. In Continuation…
48. Reservation and Social Justice
47. Renaissance
46. Implications of the M.S. Gill precedent statecraft
45. Migration
44. Migrants – A big picture of a bigger issue!!
43. Happy Birthday Mummy!!
42. Show Support for them too -Indian Hockey Team
41. नाम बताने से वोह रुस्वाह हो जाएं
40. सब कुछ बेगाना हो गया है!!
39. नाराज़गी
38. कल मुसकरा कर फिर मिल जाएंगे
37. Is Kenya turning into a police state?
36. CRPF camp attack
35. शिकवा नहीं है अब उससे
34. अपनी ही तैलाश में हूँ, गैरों कि तरह
33. अपनी तलाश में
32. आज ज़माने से हार चूका हूँ मैं
31. Optimist or Pessimist!!
30. Agra in News
29. Future of Engineers
28. जिंदगी क्या चीज़ होती है ?
27. I hate Sreesanth!!!!
26. Deadlock
25. My first encounter with Infosys
24. What shall I do???
23. There is more to come…!!
22. I am lazy or I am?
21. Do We Believe This?
20. Tanhai
19. Communication Skills
18. Want our paths to cross again!!
17. Going for a Holiday!!
16. CLO
15. One Night at Capone ODC
14. Fog Index
13. Cycle of Failure and Success – My Story
12. Bas aise hi likh raha hoon. Don’t read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Private
11. I bought some Neighbours Envy 🙂
10. Donkey Kicks an Elephant!!
9. The Surveys — My analysis
8. Nanaji
7. Hope for Pope
6. Wars
5. Nothing is Well
4. Call Center Memories
3. Namashkar
1. About My Blog

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