This blog follows following policies:-

  • We treat no individual, organisation or institution as a holy cow
  • No information/opinion will be censored out
  • Offensive words and sexual graphic contents are prohibited
  • Comments posted on this blog are held for moderation and may take some time to appear
  • As the author of (almost) all the posts, I reserve the right to not publish a comment, to delete one after having published it, or to close a thread
  • I reserve some more rights.
  • You are free to use the content. Mention my name or sent a trackback to the post that you are using the content from. (I also want people to come to my blog)
  • We (You, i.e., visitors & readers and I) can have differences. However, animosity and bitterness is not the solution. We are part of a civilized society. Aren’t we?
  • Whatever I write are my thoughts and since we are living in a democracy, I would like to exercise my Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression as conferred by Art 19 of the Constitution of India. From my side I will try to be under Permissible Limitations specified in Cls. (2) – (6) of the same article.  You may let me know if I am in violation of the article itself.
  • I would also like to use the Art 21 which gives me the right to reputation and in no case would I like to receive any attack on  my reputation.

More points will be added!! I like this post. This is almost hidden and I do not even allow anyone to comment on this. So, it is my den. I can do anything here. 🙂


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