LPG Transparency Portal

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has launched the LPG Transparency Portal under Government to Citizen (G2C) service category.Click on the above link or paste the following url in your browser:-


As per National Portal of India,

LPG consumers can know their individual pattern of LPG usage, LPG booking status, LPG refill history or request for surrender of their connection, highest consumption consumers, subsidy availed etc. The information on the portal can also be sorted by consumer number, consumer name and by distributors’ name.

Actually, this portal links to three different LPG Transparency Portals belonging to different Oil and Gas Marketing Companies. The url for each of them are:-

1. Indane –  http://indane.co.in/transparency/index.html
2. Bharat Gas – http://www.ebharatgas.com/ebgas/CC_include/Transparency_portal_new.jsp
3. HP Gas – http://dcmstransparency.hpcl.co.in/TransparencyPortal/Transparency/Transparency.aspx

Using these portals, you can do various tasks like:-

  • Rate your distributor
  • Register complaints
  • Find top users in an area
  • Surrender a connection
  • Find your pattern of consumption, details of refill supplies, etc.
  • Find out the amount of subsidy that you have utilized by using the subsidized LPG

This is a nice initiative. This portal will empower and benefit the consumers. Hope it evolves with time and is made more user-friendly.


3 thoughts on “LPG Transparency Portal”

  1. We the citizens of this country have given in too much to the politicians we have made them gods, while they have looted us totally their services is no more of social worker they need to come under the pay commission just like any other citizen. Just imagine the amount of cylinders they have been using ./

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