Where to file Grievance against Public Grievance Portal?

After trying for more than two hours, I have lost the patience and I feel exhausted. Somehow I have gathered energy to write this post.

Before we begin, ere are two screenshots of the Lodge a Grievance Page.

I tried to lodge a grievance against Ministry of Railways but I was not able to submit it. Why? Check this screenshot:-

I got two errors:-

  • Description should be less than 4000 characters
  • Special Characters are not allowed in Subject description

Those among you who are in IT will say that I must have used special characters and the characters used would be more than 4000. I checked all this, the message that I was trying to post here didn’t had any special characters. Moreover, just check the screen shots, and let me know where can I find Subject description?

I have masked the content as I do not want to publish for the sake of anonymity. You can clearly see the following message above the Description text area:-

*Please enter Grievance Description upto 3634 characters

Compare this with the second image above. It clearly means that there are 3634 characters left. For special characters, I would like you to take my word. There are no special characters. I have even removed any full stop, commas, etc or for that matter I have not even included any number.

Now, tell me what should I do? Where shall I file a grievance against the Public Grievance Portal?


One thought on “Where to file Grievance against Public Grievance Portal?”

  1. I got it! Because politician could say “there are no grievances we yet received, if anybody wants for proof go check Public grievance site….”.

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