[Book Review] Hello, Bastar by Rahul Pandita

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Few years back I was searching for information on Naxal Movement in India, when I encountered website of Hilary Pais. I found good amount of knowledge about Naxals or Maoists. It is one of the best-written documents about Naxalism. However, one thing that lacked was the views of Naxal Movement leaders and members. Rahul Pandita now fills this gap in his book “Hello, Bastar.” This book mentions anecdotes after anecdotes and keeps answering questions that you must have thought about:

How the idea of creating a guerrilla base in Bastar came up?

How Maoists and their guerrilla squads function?

What are their goals? How do their recruit?

What kind of relationship they have with people and peoples’ movements?

And many other such questions.

It answers why highly literate people are attracted towards it. What is that attraction that pulls doctors, engineers, etc. towards it?

This book attempts to answer them all.

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