Speech of Mahatma Gandhi at a Prayer Meeting

Location: NEW DELHI,
Date: December 6, 1947

Brothers and Sisters,

You heard the bhajan and the Ramdhun sung by Subbulakshmi. She is new to Delhi. Usually she gives music recitals. One ought to lose oneself while singing bhajans and Ramdhun. Today you must have realized why people are so keen to hear her. She has a melodious voice. I welcomed her message offering to come and sing here.

Today I do not wish to take more than 15 minutes. Yesterday I took 25 minutes which was too long. I am ashamed of it. I must train myself to finish within 15 minutes. Today I intend to take only 15 minutes and leave out what cannot be covered within that time. I had a letter from a friend yesterday. I have only been able to read a part of it. I have another letter today which I have not been able to go through. I must ask to be excused. The letter which I have read in part says that I am too simple a man, that I do not know how the world’s affairs are run and am apt to be deceived. The correspondent also explains the nature of the deception and cautions me to be careful. He asks me to see what is happening in Pakistan and suggests that we should do the same here. That we should take revenge I do not agree. We cannot burn the houses of the Muslims. However humble those houses may be they are as dear to their owners as the palaces of millionaires may be to them. It is in these houses that they live. When a Muslim has to go to Pakistan he suffers.

The correspondent asks when the displaced Hindus and Sikhs can go back to their homes. I may inform him that so long as they do not go back I shall not rest. It is a different thing if they die before
that happens. So long as there is a single Hindu or Sikh left who does not get his house back, I shall not rest. Yes, one may not ask that the house that has been burnt should be restored to its former state. No government can do that, not even the Government of India. I shall say that the Hindus and Sikhs should go to Model Town and stay there. The Lahore Hindus and Sikhs can ask the Pakistan Government to return them their houses and their land just as they are. All that they should ask is that the Muslims who have occupied their properties should be made to vacate them. We cannot ask them to raise houses on the land. They should merely return the land. Those who are now in the Indian Union should become truthful and decent. We must not imitate Pakistan. If they cut off their noses we can’t do the same. I shall further say to the correspondent that if we have made a mistake we must rectify it. Everyone makes mistakes. Only, one must not repeat them. Man is liable to err, even as he has the potentiality to do good. Once he rectifies his mistakes, he can only do good. If we stick to our dharma it is not necessary to advertise it to the world. I have had to write on what happened to Kathiawar Muslims. I did the right thing. It is good to tell the Hindus there about it. It is good to tell the Government. It is our right. When we agreed to the formation of Pakistan we had not bargained for the houses of Hindus and Sikhs being burnt in Pakistan and their being driven out of the country. If mistakes have been made they must be rectified. Of course they can say that we should also rectify our own mistakes. They may say that the Muslims who had gone to Pakistan were driven out of India and that they should be taken back. If that is done the displaced Hindus and Sikhs could go back to Pakistan and the displaced Muslims in Pakistan could come back to India. This will be good both for India and Pakistan. If not, then both the countries will fall in the eyes of the world. We have always conducted ourselves honourably. We won our freedom honourably. It is not I who say it. It is not Hindus and Muslims who say it. It is the whole world that says that we have attained our freedom by honourable means. We should preserve it by honourable means and not by resorting to rowdyism. Rowdyism could be the way to lose our freedom. If we keep our conduct and our behaviour clean the world will see that we have made amends for our former mistakes. What is the world going to do about Pakistan — you may ask. I shall say that the world does not have to do anything or say anything. Pakistan has to cleanse itself.

I am reminded that the Resolution1 passed by the A. I. C. C. had my support and that I am responsible for its being passed. I am however told that people do not want it. Displaced Hindus and Sikhs do not want to go back to Pakistan. I do not say that they should go back as beggars. True, they have come away from Pakistan because they were helpless. But they must go back with dignity. The Pakistan Muslims should tell them that they have changed for the better and now invite them to go back. Similarly we should tell the Muslims who have gone away that their houses and their land are as they had left behind and that they should come and occupy them. If we get over our madness and behave as gentlemen, things will be all right. Where is the deception here? I do not deceive anyone. The world should not look for deception here. The A. I. C. C. has passed the Resolution that the displaced Hindus and Sikhs should all go back to their homes and land in Lyallpur and they should be invited to do so with love. Our Sikh brethren used to be farmers there. They have to go there in any case. This is my dream. I wish to live to see this dream realized. If it is not the will of God that this dream be realized, He will take me away. That is why I am staying on in Delhi. If I cannot do this here, where else can I do anything? If only Pakistan would mend its ways, confess its errors and assure us that it would behave decently, all would be well and we could live as good neighbours. There is no reason why we should remain enemies of each other. Enmity cannot be our dharma. I have concluded within ten minutes today.

[From Hindi]
Courtesy: All India Radio. Also Prarthana Pravachan—II, pp. 175-8


6 thoughts on “Speech of Mahatma Gandhi at a Prayer Meeting”

  1. Adfter having read this, I am as Gandhian as before. This is what I have learnt, read and heard about him. We Indians should see that we become elder, wiser and more realistic.

  2. @Muttaquee What you said is true. But there are people in India who criticize Gandhiji for his acts. They don’t understand him. Nice to see that someone in France likes him.

  3. dear Palak, it is not about whether what I say is true or not, but it is about what Gandhiji said, did for India, thought about Indians, did for the unity of India and Indians, and did in general for the humanity is right or not.
    It is not very important that there are people who critize Gandhiji for his acts, but it is important to know what his acts were and if these acts brought something to India, Indians and to humanity. The answer is YES and no one can deny this.
    I have been in correspondance with somebody and the topic was”lelyveld’s book on Gandhi” I assume that you have heard about this book and that Maharashtra and Gujarat have asked to ban this book. I am against this decision to ban the book but I feel that this journalist called Lelyveld is not worth reading or giving any attention to, because it is always easy to throw dirt on somebody to become popular or sell the books or/and earn money by such simple means. I am giving you some excerpts of this correspondance which I had on this topic, which could be interested in the same line as Gandhiji’s speech in question or Godse’s reasoning why he killed. May I just repaet what Gandhiji said without knowing that Godse will kill him one day! ” there are lots of valid reasons to save a life but there is not a single valid reason to kill ”
    You said”nice to se that someone in France likes him”
    there are some hundreds of millions in the world who liked and like Gandhiji -there is nothing special about being in France. I am born and have lived for very long period in India.
    so hereunder my correspondance
    I would appreciate if you take your time to read what I am writing please do not go for the tone of my language but rather for the content and give me your own, yes your own thoughts and remarks ( not the remarks of somebody neither the references from outside) please feel free to write what you yourself think about it, about Gandhiji

    It is not that Mr. Lelyveld writes” more good things” on Gandhi that it gives him an alibi or right to write unnecessary , yes quite unnecessary things which makes only sensation, and personal attack on Gandhi does not make more sense than everything else

    Is there anything constructive in this writing of Lelyveld ??? the answer is, no. Is there anything you learn about human suffering or independence of India or non violence or Hindu Muslim unity?? The answer is, no. Is there anything informative in his writing such as history of India at the time of British??? Social or economical structure of India between 1910 (or even before, say 1818 )and 1947 ?? administrative or governmental structure of India before and after independence???? The answer is, NO. Personalities of India or British India and their influence on India, Indian social life Indian economical life ??? the answers to these all questions are flatly NO /no and no.

    You learn nothing more about India or Indians than what the historians have already written but through this non sense talking like Gandhi was tempted to go to bed with or having exhibitioner affaire with his Manu – really do you have any word to describe this voyeurism??? Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, and hundreds of other world personalities like Romain Roland, Einstein , Tagore, Mount Batten, Muttaquee Husain and Millions of other Indians, south Africans, Arabs, Africans have inspired from this great man of humanity – how to win and conquer heart of your enemy, your partner, your governor even your killer, by non violence, and this man called Lelyveld has one thing to extract from Gandhi’s life ??? his …… ??? is it really worth to know????right or wrong who cares but is it worth to know, ?? has this Great man at least a small corner of his life for himself without that people make sensation about it??? And you are asking me the facts ????? if these are not facts then what are the facts???? This man has spent his time with poor people of Bengal when the whole India was celebrating the fiesta of Independence and you are coming with” MARKETING CAMPAIGN of Gandhi??” did he or anybody else want to sell this event as to make money out of this ?? is it a shame or not ?? this man gave his life to a man shooting on him on the name of Hindu Dhrama and against the name of Muslims, and he – Gandhi – did not make a press conference before dying, he did not call American journalists to celebrate his martyrdom, and he did not go on television, radio, through news papers or whatsoever to announce that he was going to die for the nation and you say that we make a bullshit around his myth and make campaign or propaganda or lot of publicity out of his marketing strategy ??? I have no words to show my “tristesse” ( sadness) on the poorness and cheap mentality of people who cannot see the truth in front . Particularly Indians who are so AHSAAN FARAMOSH that they do not have a good word for the people who gave their lifelong efforts for their well being. Sincerely speaking, many Indians, especially younger people do not even realize that we have our liberty thanks to those people like Gandhi, as if this liberty has been fallen to them just like something from the sky. They do not realize …… Oh I am so sad about this ignorance.
    Am I giving the facts ????

    Well and Ok, let us analyze what we read,by the way if Lelyveld has right to criticize somebody’s life , then we can also criticize the critic

    He says he – Gandhi – did not succeed (please refer here to my special remarks on this, which I sent to you yesterday ???
    Then let us go on the other point, Gandhi never claimed that he was Demi God,, he never claimed that he was Mahatma, he never asked that people call him Bapu or Father of the Nation
    Who did this wonderful marketing campaign around or for him ???
    Why we are after this historical personality ??? why one must go and look if he was or he was not this or this type of person ??? why??? Is it because some people are jealous??? Was he a criminal ???? why ???Because some people are ingrates???? Because some people cannot tolerate one person who really gave his life or at least a good part of his life for something necessary, some cause, some noble cause, which he thought was good for humans beings and particularly for Indians. Who made the myth about him, Gandhi himself??? And who are these journalist who try to turn a good name in a bad name???? under the pretext that 60 percent of their writing about Gandhi is good and o n l y 10 % bad. Oh please let me have this 10 percent, so that I can be considered as a good journalist and sell my salad to readers who just go for sensation and do not care for the history or facts.

    Gandhi, when he made Namak-march,Dandi Yatra, where were the people who talk this rotten thing about marketing campaign??? Or perhaps people do not even know what he did when he protested against the tax on Salt
    I ask myself, why people have so short memory or no memory at all or do not interest for historical facts instead of going for such a Cheesy-news which make nothing else than sensation for the readers like of Bild Zeitung, readers who are hungry and thirsty for two penny news.

    It does not go in their mind or what that we have something more interesting to do than run after one’s penis or ass story instead of what he has achieved and gave to the world
    I know that there is a trend in the new India and in the younger generation of India ( who has received education, well being, money, standard of living, new age of communication, liberty to talk, express and think, liberty to go around the world, see and enjoy, liberty to criticize all the way come and go with free zone of circulation to and fro, this new generation has got this without doing the same effort or let us say same efforts as their past two or three generations have endured and not to say about the generations before, which was humiliated continuously by these GORA and VILAYATI gender who in majority did not even know how to clean their asses properly but were ready to fire on the whole agitating groups like in Jalianwala Baugh and Quit India and Namak March, to say that “oh hell” we would have kicked the angrezi colonilaists at once that time, and why those bloody black Indians, filthy looking coolis did not do that ???? Was Gandhi , as the others, very coward to face that British Raj with this patience?And Gandhi and that generation of Gandhi with their non violence , did not achieve lot ? ( And then some body comes and say” this Clement Attlee – not to say Churchill- had had enough of India and would have left anyhow. My foot, after 300 years of Raj on these ignorant Indians who were fighting between themselves instead of having a new age of Industrialization we were sunk in the filth of poverty and ignorance, and then Tilak, Gandhi, Tagore, Tata, Azad, Nehru, Patel, Gaffar khan etc etc etc come to upheld us from this filth.

    Then one American author comes and says “oh Gandhi was very good and Gandhi was very good and this he says lots of time and at the end he says that Gandhi was a….homosexual, and suddenly we forget everything about our past and we say oh how come that we have been swept away by this commercial campaign of KHADI BHANDAR and Swaraj and Charkha on which we see this old man pulling thread of cotton and making fool of us ?? Oh how sad I am. And at the end he who sold us the freedom was nothing else than a penis-player, I am ashamed of the education which this new generation has received to just misuse/abuse

    Oh what a shame with the people who say that Gandhi or anybody else has put the freedom of India’s independence back by many years, because they do not know what they are saying, pardon them,…. then where were these fucking other Indian leaders??? We have all tried with all force, Bose and Shaheed e Azam, and all others and they all failed to get these British fuckers out of India for even an inch and suddenly a man comes with Tilak, Azad and Nehru with his smile and non violence, with his fasting and non cooperation, again with his smile and asking for autonomy, with his humbleness and readiness to go to the jail and asking and insisting that these strangers playing our masters must leave India but they themselves go first into jails, and these millions of people who burn those imported garments in front f those Goras and Indian soldiers

    Gandhi retarded the independence,? and you say that not only one person says that… I know also that there are hundreds of thousands of people who still praise Hitler, so what???Does it become a fact because one or other person says a bullshit??? The world is full of revisionists and fascists and ignorant graduates who write even history books and are journalist , but are we blind not to think by ourselves and just read and swallow the stuff one vomits and presents to us as a result of so called good cooking??? Have we gone mad not to understand and analyze by ourselves what is right and what is wrong??? Must a journalist from US come to say that Gandhi was good and then suddenly open the underpants of Gandhi to show that he is doing a great job. ??? Gandhi retarded the independence ?? then why this Lelyveld says that Clement Attlee was anyhow leaving India because there was another train to take to any other destination, is it is just to laugh ??? It is quite ridiculous and illogic what he says. One can see that there is no coherent thought behind it, they just open the mouthor the pen and say or write whatever comes in their mind even if it is a shit???? Why Gandhi retarted independence if these British were anyhow about to go ???? why ??? can anybody understand this illogisme???? It is really a waste of time to argue on this point because. it may happen with the ignorant people that alone the fact of saying something so often –even if it is a shit, a bullshit – they would start believing it.

    How many man have proved that he was politicking?? How many?? Can you name me one, even one, who is considered intelligent ???? what a fake story are you telling me ??? who manipulated whom ????
    I advise you to go to my written lines where I have given facts and do not come with only the vague remarks like, “many people, “

    Let us take the examples of the people who have really experienced Gandhi, lived at his time, have “read” and have experienced him –not the journalist of cheesy news papers neither of Bild Zeitung sensation. I can name at least ten, ten persons of world renommé in history, science, culture, journalism, politics who will underline what I am saying. Even according to you Lelyveld and Andrew Roberts are very positive about Gandhi, so where is the harm ??? where is the point ?? the point is some guys want to make “ journalistic sensation” to sell their books and lots of people, especially young…., having escaped good history lessons and books, when they were in school, fall in the trap of these guys who want to sell their bullshit, because they have touched “under the belt” and people are receptive to these hints, when it comes to “under the belt”

    Iqbal the poet is not the man whom I would bring in context with Gandhi, because even his “Khudi “philosophy was not from himself but borrowed from Heidelberg and sounds very ego centered. Yes I agree to up bring my “ego” so that I can think myself and do not follow the rubbish sayings of a journalist who under the pretext ”he loves Gandhi” THROWS mud on him, to sell his salad

    Yes why are we so poor (intellectually yes, spiritually ??? what does spirit means in this place ??? have you read Javed Akhtar on Spirituality???) to let us divert our ideas by a gimmicks of a journalist ??? If not necessary, no, we do not need a God, a hero, a bad journalist, we do not need any more a Gandhi neither, but we can always refer to history and see what was the past. If we do not want to learn from the past, well and good, but at least we should not let ourselves be guided or influenced through a false idea or an unnecessary point which has no historical importance. Gandhi did good things , there is no issue or argument or discussion about or against this, and these things were good for India and Indians and even for other human beings ( ask Mandela and Martin Luther King, Attenborough, Romain Rolland, Josef Kessler,) But if it comes to the point that he did bad things, then why the hell we have to argue about this and why not ask ourselves” did he do bad things to India??? To Indians??? To humanity??? To British ???? the answer is a flat NO and this is none of the business of Lelyveld to snooze in the underpants of Gandhi , so that he can make the headlines of ABC/BBC/NBCS/NNBBCC/ZETC ETC ETC
    Was I clear on this point ????

    It is absolutely irrelevant what you say about his being media giant, his stunts of Daandi Yatra and symbolism and media message etc etc. these are only words which say nothing. If no American president can match Gandhi then it should be so and let it be like this , why compare??? If you do not like his daandi yatra, then let it be, there is no reason to be jealous that he succeeded what he wanted to do ( may I remind you that after this Yatra, the tax on salt was removed ???) He started alone and after some miles some hundred thousand followed him for this non violent march in which he himself had the least interest or benefit. If Abdul Gaffar Khan, called Sarhadi Gandhi, followed and let follow his pushtoon people towards non violence then it is his deed and success and he could convince people with this bloody so cheap method that the other buggers like this filthy journalist needs to go in the underwear of Gandhi to make the media move????
    If Gandhi can move thousands and thousands towards a place where people voluntarily throw their stylish looking imported clothes into fire then there is no reason to be jealous about this great man who could influence millions for a great cause.Call it a big media game! if you want but in reality and in fact it does not change anything, you cannot change nothing either, he did it, others did it and they were all very happy and proud about it and they put bloody hell of the fire in asses of these british rulers who could not do nothing else than use violence against these people who said AMEN to this great man, there is no harm in it and there is no reason to be jealous or go to look “ where can I find a weakness in this man, so that I can bloody drag his name in the filth???”(and make money and become popular) and if I cannot find anything, then I go cheap, use a very mean method, “à la Journaliste” because otherwise this Man is too strong. Can you believe that this man called Gandhi, serves himself a tea to these British in their freakish mansions and then says to them in a smile to quit India??? Have you seen such a man in last two thousand years??? And the same man takes a train to go to bheel wara and lives with people who are making indigo to print the fabrics and he fights for their cause???? I am sure that one cannot even dream that such a person exist ( I quote Einstein””Generations to come will scarcely believe that such a one as this walked on the earth in flesh and blood”) so please read this and think what an injustice we do towards a man who selflessly did such enormous and numerous things for Indians and mankind. We certainly do not do any favor to him, if we have a minute’s good thought for him but at least we should not be so mean, neech, cheap and filthy to drag him into mud where he certainly does not belongs to. Do I have to write more about Gandhi so that he is clean ?? ,so that I justify my point ??? so that I can give a counter attack ??? no certainly not, but this is a small hint that this man does not deserve what many people want to hang on him through their jealousy, ignorance, reaction or just indifference as if saying anything, on anybody, anytime is allowed and it makes fun. No it certainly does not make any fun, it can show only poor quality of our knowledge, reading, power of analysis and self respect. It cannot be considered as if you are just passing by a path and you just spit turning your head and then… continue

    Now one another thing
    There have been lots of different known, popular personalities in the world who have been taken under the magnifying glass by the historians, journalists and so called cheap/cheesy writers from time to time. There have been headlines in the media for some time on them and if these persons, if they were still alive and have done “bad things” then they underwent a trial ( Clinton, Nazi leaders etc.) either they have been punished for their “bad things” or they have been declared “innocent” and were spoken free. If the personalities were not alive, people who have written about them, wrote whatever they wanted (we live in a free world and people are free to write, do, think and react as shitty as they want )and mankind either has kept good memories of the persons if they have done good things ( Jesus) or bad memories about them if they have done bad things(Hitler) As far as I know, Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington have gone in the history for their good acts and even on the currency notes we have printed their photos. We did not do it for Hitler because this man did very bad things.And then there is Gandhi who went into history as a man who did good things. Why for the name of the God and heaven, some journalists would absolutely like to “Schaumschlagen” and “Keechad uchhalna” and throw filth on Gandhi??? Why ??? what does it bring to them?? fame??? More sale???? More money ??? because it is ridiculous what they say else wise??, completely ridiculous because their «work” is not based on a research or something similar but they write just to write and earn money through creating sensational headlines in the media, nothing serious. Who did commercial campaign Gandhi or these journalists???? And saying that “he even retarded the independence of India” and simultaneously saying the contrary by writing ”anyhow the British would have left later or earlier” … sincerely who on the earth will take these scraps seriously?? except people who complete ignore or want to ignore the history and facts. It has nothing to do with taking somebody for god or hero ( why do not we say ideal ???) Einstein, Darwin, Jesus, Pasteur and so on are persons ( like Gandhi )who are great of mankind and that’s it BASTA, no god, no hero. There is no need to create by products of these people, their personal life or private matter

    He says “ out of four great campaigns of Gandhi’s life—for Hindu-Muslim unity, against importing British textiles, for ending Untouchability and for getting the British off the subcontinent—only the last succeeded, and that simply ¬because the near-bankrupt British led by the anti-imperialist Clement Attlee desperately wanted to leave India anyhow after a debilitating world war.
    So what ???
    I do not like the word campaign in this context, but let us leave it like it is,
    • Jesus, campaigned for Love to one’s next, did he succeed ????
    • Moses for the 10 commandments, did he succeed???
    • Karl Marx against capitalism, did he succeed??
    • Akbar, for Hindu-Muslim unity, did he succeed??
    • Ashoka, for Global peace through Buddhism, did he succeed??
    • I have more examples in my sac if you want!!!!
    What a shit this guy is telling ??? who says that you have to succeed absolutely for what you are campaigning for ??? I am surprised that this journalist is having still readers !!
    Really, I cannot imagine that this lines are written by somebody who wants to be an intellectual
    Gandhi, like many others tried to campaign and preach for and then it is up to these idiots of human beings to follow or not. If Gandhi did not succeed on these points, it is not his fault and if he was shot dead, it was not his fault neither ( this guy is an idiot or what??)
    And what a shame to say that Clement Attlee wanted to leave India anyhow…. Why not say, Japanese wanted to leave Pearl Harbour anyhow and India Wanted to lose the world championship of Hockey anyhow and Napoleon wanted to lose Waterloo anyhow and so on and so on …..
    The more I read these two guys the more I am convinced that “on peut ecrire n’importe quoi, on trouvera toujour les idiots qui le lisent”
    May I put some facts as follows,
    • We Indians were slaves under British Raj . And persons like Gandhi ( and many others, of course……..) made us conscious of this fact
    • We Indians were not free to talk, to think, to eat, to earn, to produce, to practice and… we were not free at all. And persons like Gandhi ( and many others, of course) brought us to this liberty
    • We Indians were treated like dirt, third class citizens, like animals( dogs and Indians not allowed) and persons like Gandhi ( and many others, of course……..) gave us the sense of dignity
    • We Indians were not producing our own goods to consume and were dependant of imported goods. and persons like Gandhi ( and many others, of course……..) made us think that we can produce goods by ourselves
    • We Indians were not able fight against British Raj in an efficient way. and persons like Gandhi ( and many others, of course……..) showed us how to fight against this Raj
    • We Indians were divided and thus failed to act /react against British Raj. and persons like Gandhi ( and many others, of course……..) successfully achieved that the majority of Indians ( except some fanatic idiots ) got united against this ruling British Raj
    • We Indians were illiterate. and persons like Gandhi ( and many others, of course……..) brought us to the light of education and literacy

    Yes, in my humble way, I have showed what counts… Can or will anybody deny this ???? all the other critics on Gandhi is just a bi-product and let us not be swept away by this

    May I recommend to read Louis Fischer and Larry Collins / Dominqiue Lapierre instead???

    If Sigmund Freud, Darwin, Einstein, Mozart, De Vinci, or Mr. X were or were not Gay, Bisexual, hetero, or whatsoever… makes a difference when we talk about their achievements and for what we are thankful to them for ???

    If Gandhi was or was not a bisexual, is really not substantial. Is it??
    Giving references and examples of Blacks in South Africa and Hermann Kallenbach Or Attlee ( that British would have left India anyhow…!!!- stop me if I laugh….) is very infantile and puerile….
    I can imagine that people who have nothing to say or not much to say or let us say that they have nothing new to say, they do not just keep their mouth shut but they mostly say rubbish…
    I does not make any sense to criticize a well looking and handsome man, showing that his trousers are having a little hole on the back. I may make laugh many ignorant.
    Many people will ignore that Gandhi did not title himself ”Mahatma-Great Soul”, it was Tagore, the noble Prize. So what, when tomorrow some idiot like a Journalist of New York Times comes off with an article saying that Tagore was a travesty ???? dreaming to be a Bengali girl having streamlined jet black hair lying in Neel Kamal and having love with a south American married woman,……..

    I really do not know what this guy wants to prove by writing such an unnecessary- yes unnecessary, because it does not enrich humanity at all saying that he has discovered something new but is coating (quoting with…) with wrong statements.
    We get very soon tired about hearing that Socrates, Plato or any other or all of the Greek philosophers were or were not….. let us not outplace the point of importance

    More..next time

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  4. @Muttaquee Nice ones. These are the points that I keep on discussing with all my friends online and offline as well.

    How can someone forget what Gandhi did for them? He was a human being and he must be entitled to his defeats and wrongs. But why do we forget what he gave to India. It is important that we recognize his effort (though he himself would not have desired so).

  5. Hi Palak…

    Great words from a great man! It is a pity that we didnt heed some of his seemingly impractical ideas… we needed both, the idealism of the Mahatma, and the realism of Patel, and to some extent Nehru. a great pity that we lost 2 of those 3 early on in the life of our nation



  6. man does mistakes but it is not that counts it is how you reform maybe gandhi did some blunders its not for us to think for its for the tons of good things he gave us the value of truth,equality,justice. its a lot more for even a naive like me to tell the passion to live for your fellow beings to give everything what you have and even then having no regret of doing so even if someone criticizes you. thats something that inspires me the most.

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