Average Ping Response Time

A colleague asked me what is the average ping response time for internet browsing. I surprisingly asked why did he ask me to which he replied that he saw my profile and found that I have worked as Technical Support Engineer with VCustomer and therefore thought that I will be able to answer him and help him with the slow speed that he is receiving while browsing.

For general internet browsing, under 200ms in most parts of the world is usually good (under 100ms if the server is in your own country). 200-400 is adequate, depending on how far away the server is, and how many nodes data has to go thru to get there (e.g., other side of the world). 400+ ms is really quite bad, but the internet will still function, it will just seem a bit sluggish.
For most online gaming, aim for ~120ms or less (local servers in your own country are usually the best).
LAN gaming should be below 50ms easily.


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