Right to Die!

#Copied from Facebook Notes

Trying to analyze the verdict given by Hon Supreme Court on Euthanasia. In my humble opinion, the court has done the right thing mainly because:-

1. Art 21 of Fundamental Rights of Indian Constitution that grants Right to Life does not guarantee a right to die. Even if there would have been any such right, then how a person who is in vegetative state exercise his or her right and how will his so-called well-wishers decide the will of that person.

2. We still need to work on infrastructure that is required for granting such a right.

While interacting with my friends on Facebook,  Mr. Atul Lande, Director of Synergy Study Point Pune, suggested following:-

3. Supreme Court legalized passive euthanasia by means of the withdrawal of life support to patients in a permanent vegetative state (in reality this is already happening in India). Active euthanasia, including the administration of lethal compounds for the purpose of ending life, is still illegal in India (as there is no law related to this). SC has also provided guidelines for this. Law ministry wants a debate on the issue.

4. In India many religions and sects believe indirectly in passive euthanasia like in Jainism.

Any more points will be most welcome.


2 thoughts on “Right to Die!”

  1. It is not a new subject. Since many many generations, the whole humanity – in general- and philosophers, sociologistes,humanists, advoctaes, juges, politicians, scientists, doctors, old aged people and their children – in particular- have been thinking and discussing this. In our era of democratie and let us say of advanced and liberal thinking one should say that not only a principal of “right or no to die” counts but also the dignity of human being. In my opinion in extreme case ( this case will only be defined as extreme by the family doctor and memebers of the family or near parented….)will decide if the decision of euthanasia can be or cannot be taken by a commission ( consisiting of Doctors, philosophers,sociologists, representative of well wishers,local reprenstative of political body, and the list can be completed …….)
    My opinion is based upon my own long thinkings and reflexions and I can not give or submit any particular evidence or enhance it more.

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