I was going through Bruno’s One Minute Email that I subscribed while I was working for VCustomer. It was after a long time that I checked my email account on india.com, where we all registered as it was the only email account accessible there. Oh, sorry, I forgot my way.

One of the recent emails has this old Chinese Proverb:-

If you want hapiness for an hour, take a nap;
If you want hapiness for a day, go fishing;
If you want hapiness for a year, inherit a fortune;
If you want hapiness for a lifetime, help somebody!

“Helping” is a word that needs interpretation. Giving money to a good cause is one way but it’s not the only one. Sometimes helping simply means taking the time to listen to someone sharing a hurt, giving someone a helping hand, making an unexpected phone call to wish someone good luck, showing compassion to someone in trouble.

I discovered a long time ago that if I helped people get what they wanted,
I would always get what I wanted and I would never have to worry.
– Anthony Robbins

There is more to hapiness. Just waiting for it and thinking when such and such thing happen I will be happy is foolish. Yes, I am a fool. I am still waiting for something to happen that will make me happy.

Are you a fool too??? Don’t be!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Happiness”

  1. Hi Palak,

    This is a great post. Just yesterday I was talking to my girl about this and how I’m more incline to help people by teaching them something they would like to learn, than by giving money or serving free food. I guess to get a better interpretation of “help”, it has to be combined with concepts such as “aid”, “serve” and “improve” in my opinion, that is to visualize what is the happier way to help someone! 😉

    el carlo (www.thehappysphere.com)

  2. Hey! Nice read… Totally agree with the notion
    I guess the most satisfying times in my life have been the one wherein I was a part of bringing smiles to others.
    Would love to read more of your stuff.

    P.S. fellow blogger from agra

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