Indian Culture and Moral Policing

Who is going to define morality? What is right and what is wrong? These are very subjective and open questions and depend upon the perception of a person. Why should I hear someone else opinion and his lessons on morality? Here we are talking about “Indian Culture”. How is someone going to define Indian Culture and its boundary conditions? This again is very subjective. We all know our past but as told, taught and read. But is that the whole thing – the complete Indian Culture. No, definitely not. Because one who told and taught us might have forgotten something, and one who wrote something must have not written completely or thoroughly. So, our knowledge is more or less the same, but we have different opinions on Indian Culture depending on what has been told and taught and what and whom we have read. So, no one is the authority on Indian Culture rather culture, in general. We can have our own beliefs, thoughts and perception. So, no one can say that his belief is right and others is wrong and impose it on others.


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10 thoughts on “Indian Culture and Moral Policing”

  1. You are right that the knowledge is not complete abt moral values nd culture of india but we shuld first understand whatever is available at our disposal. If we will keep on thinking abt the non-completeness of the things nd will try to find the complete background of it then it is difficult to find the same. Just understand nd if u feel it is correct then follow it otherwise just ignore. Also there are certain moral values which are being followed by our elders and they actually restrain you from getting into wrong things. So, i think it will be unfair to question those.

  2. It is not that keep on finding the complete picture just that no one has the right to act against other on the basis of morality and Indian Culture because no one has the complete knowledge about the same. I believe this is right and follow that someone may feel differently.

  3. You are correct to some extent. Let’s take the example of the recent act done by Ram Sena folks in Mangalore pub. See, practicing pub culture is not in our moral values nd i don’t think you will deny with this. Though there is non-completeness in the knowledge of culture but it is very well known that this culture has been adopted from western culture and it is affecting the youth in wrong manner. But at the same time the way Ram sena folks retaliated on this is not correct. If they wanted to teach the lesson then it had to be legal or just keep yourself away from it.
    So, your point is correct that you can’t argue with others but if you don’t want to change them and if you want to then u have to do it but legally and with some authority. If you ask me then I will say that just keep yourself away from the activities which u feel r wrong because if u will try to change the world, you will be changed ultimately:)
    what do u say?

  4. Now, we are talking about different point of views. No one has the authority to question my views unless they have been proved wrong. So, how do I prove someone wrong when I can’t question him? The only method that I feel is debate. A nation-wide debate is the only solution. During the course of debate, many opinions will be shared, many will be formed and many will change and transform and it will happen for the good as everyone will be able to share his or her views and abate his or her frustration too.

  5. Yaar debates never come out with a solution. People speak just to exhibit their knowledge and to influence others but most keep themselves stick to their own point of view even knowing the fact that what other person saying is correct.

  6. That is not debate that is action-reaction which happens on most of the Online Communities. Debate is a platform where everyone gets opportunity to opine and differ from other and at the same time others get opportunity to help people subscribe to his views.

  7. Ya that is true but we don’t see any results out of those debates. And coming back to what we started with i.e. moral values and culture…i would say that it is better to keep ur values correct and stay away frm what others are doing.

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