United Nations Security Council – Reforms

At present UN Security Council comprises of 5 permanent members and 10 elected members. Of these former 5 have power to ‘Veto’ while latter don’t enjoy such power. The latter states are mere dumb spectators and decisioning power remains with the Big 5s. So, the UNSC is not balanced and needs to be reformed.
Few people suggest that veto power should be given to elected members also. However, I would say that this is very easy to do but less advantageous. Giving veto power to more members will not serve any purpose as this is only going to create chaos and havoc in the UNSC. The veto can be misused and this may lead to unconclusive end of meetings or delay in arriving on a conclusion.

The reforms that I would suggest in UNSC would be as follows. With modifications this could be made wonderful:-

1. Remove concept of permanency. Increase the membership to say 20 states(This number can be decided by UN). Each member should be selected from UN General Assembly.
2. The elected members should hold the office for two years.
3. Make an Elite Decisioning Body comprising of 5 members(lesser the number better it is to come to a conclusion). These 5 members should be given ‘veto’ power.
4. Any issue should be first discussed among the elected members of the UNSC. A decision should be arrived with no less than 2/3rd majority of the members.
5. The issue and the decision should be sent to the Elite Decisioning Body for reviews and suggestions.
6. Suggestions should be resent to the UNSC elected members for the reconsideration.
7. Elite Decisioning Body should finally arrive at a decision( whether to agree with the suggestions of the elected member) by consensus. The members may use their veto.
8. Once decision has arrived or agreed upon at should be considered as passed. Otherwise it should be abandoned or resent to the elected members.


8 thoughts on “United Nations Security Council – Reforms”

  1. With the reforms you suggested, there might be a chance that the 5 countries with veto might be some puppet countries or some countries who are not regional superpowers but can win the election like Pakistan. Doesn’t look to me a good idea. It’s better that all the regional superpowers are part of USNC and all of them should have VETO.
    Conutries like India and China represent 33% of the entire world, UNSC can not afford to ignore them.

  2. Very true!! Less members should be elected for the veto power, it is a better option.
    Nice article…good going!!!!

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