Yeh Jo Zindagi Ki Kitab Hai

I am skeptical about what OSHO said. Sometimes I think that what he preached was near to life. We think that a Mahatma is a person who leaves all the materialistic luxuries of life and do dhyaan. But to me all the common men who handle and deal with the day to day problems of their monotonous life are Mahatma. It is easy to leave the worldly pleasures and sorrows than to face them firmly.


11 thoughts on “Yeh Jo Zindagi Ki Kitab Hai”

  1. yes…to live like a common man within the boundaries of social constraints protecting the interests of you and your family without causing any nuances to other people is really difficult task.

  2. Thanks Shailendra. It is really very difficult to cope with the daily chores of the so-called “common man”.

  3. I agree to you upto certain extent…getting back to our ancient teachings where in ultimate goal of life is to realize your real self. The teachings from saints are to live in the world without being attached to these wordly things. its our personal interpretation how we take them. In Bhagwad Geeta it is rightly said that karma yoga is better than any other yoga but selfless karma only can lead to salvation…

  4. @Gajendra thanks for the comments. I can not agree more on this point with you. Yes Karma Yog is better then any other yog. And yes, it is selfless karma that leads you to nirvana, salvation.

  5. I beg to differ you Palak!
    The only thing these Mahatmas want to convey to us all is that there is no pleasure and happiness in this world and we are still keeping ourself engaged in all this just because we have not yet recognized who we actually are and what is the main motto of being a human being. These Mahatmas leave home and these mundane pleasures so that they can devote their time in recognizing and knowing themselves and to move on the path of salvation. We consider salvation and all very hypothetical but if you will study more about religion and spirituality then you will realize that these all are very practical.
    Religion says that we are revolving in the cycle of birth and death in different forms. Sometimes being a human being or an insect or an animal or taking birth in a hell or in heaven. And all this we get according to our deeds or karmas. We are trying to find happiness or sukh in this world but we never get the same. The biggest and never-diminishing sukh is there only in ending this cycle of birth and death by attaining Salvation. And the path of attaining the same is not getting engaged in the worldly pleasures. Having said this, I am not saying that leave everything immediately but start practicing from today only. These Mahatmas have already done this practice and now they have left home and all to be more with themselves and to know who they actually are.
    But one ore thing here; don’t follow them blindly unless you feel that what they are doing and what they are conveying is correct!

  6. @Palak I still differ u. You said that a man dealing with daily problems is a Mahatma and it is easy to leave worldly pleasures and sorrows. I don’t think so..Can you leave it? It is very difficult to understand that we have got these pleasures and sorrows number of times but we never achieved ultimate sukh from them. So, religion told that do yourself away from these pleasures and start knowing yourself.

  7. Palak you are not understanding the crux of it. It is not that the person who faces more sorrows and challenges of life is a Mahatma.
    Just try to ponder upon how we live the life. If we get anything that we doesn’t want or we don’t get anything that we want then we start regretting, screaming and blaming others. When we face any problems then we make others responsible for the same. If we talk about pleasures then we are so much involved in those that we have a fear of losing them. This is how a so called common man lives life. Religion doesn’t force you to leave home and family but it says that face these sorrows and pleasures prudentially irrespective of being in a family or being a Mahatma. Once you understand the meaning of real sukh then you start realizing that we are just wasting our time and it is better to utilize this life to start moving on the path of Salvation and end these sorrows for ever.
    One should start realizing it and practicing it from home only. Once you know who you actually are then you start enjoying to be with yourself and these worldly activities seem like they are stopping you from enjoying the same. So, these few people (Mahatmas) feel like leaving all these pleasures which are of no use and this is called Renunciation or vairagya. Mind you me Palak, these Mahatmas don’t leave homes,family and all because they are afraid of their responsibilities but in actual this all happens automatically because they have understood that there is no sukh in the world. And yes Mahatma is not someone different. He is also a common man.

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