In Continuation…

We need leaders. Not exactly leaders but mass leaders who can help masses find a direction, who can help them to “act” instead of just giving verbal expression. A leader like Mahatma Gandhi. I have an untramelled desire to be a part of movement that will lead to the benefit of the masses but fear amounts higher.


7 thoughts on “In Continuation…”

  1. thats right but in todays situation we also keep in mind the generational changes along with the outlook ….

    great thought!!!!

  2. @S.Ghosh. Thanks for appreciating my thoughts.

    Yes it is correct there are changes and these changes need to be accepted. But the way people are against each other, countries are not fighting wars but in constant fear of getting into a war, this need someone who can guide the people to the path of truth.

  3. wow 🙂 thats a true Indian youth speaking his heart out! i so very much support you. If each one of us can think this way, India would be a better place in no time.
    thanks for dropping by,palak 🙂

  4. @exploring life Thanks for appreciation and supporting me. Yes, it is true if each one of us can think this way, India would be a better place in no time. But again the issue is “If”. Will I be ever put these thoughts into action? I already said fear amounts high!!

  5. Why wait for “avatars” to come and rescue us? If you want a revolution, then make a move. Don’t wait for a “leader”. Not even for another Gandhi.

    We have grown used to complacent acceptance as a group, rather than independent revolutionary thought.

    Ironic as it is, unless we begin to think as individuals, there cannot be a true change for the nation as a whole.

  6. @Geet I am not waiting for leaders to come. I am just saying that our society needs a leader who can carve way for the many and for this we should all come forward and lead the way!!

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