Show support for them too!!!

The news has lost its worth in the smog of Cricket wins over the last week. Can you guess what I am talking about. One more team is working hard and winning matches. But no one is bothered. If you can’t guess by now, then don’t feel ashamed. It is to blame to the ignorance of Indian populace and shadow of Cricket. I won’t take much time to inform you all that I am talking about Indian Hockey Team (Men) who is working really hard and has won its last three matches with a large margin. They are playing in the Olympic qualifying tournament at Santiago, Chile.
If possible then please show some support for them too!!


2 thoughts on “Show support for them too!!!”

  1. Its the problem with the governing body of hockey and other sports. They are not interested in development of the game, they just want to stay at the helm of the affairs. How many people even knew about the quallifiers? And how many now know that India couldn’t qualify?

  2. @shailendra
    It is a shame for the country that our national sport is not getting its due respect. Why change national game to cricket? It would be like ignoring the issue with the sport and doing anything about it.

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