I hate Sreesanth!!!!

He is just an I*I*T. I don’t know who selected him. It is ok to be agressive but at the same time baby PERFORM – Key Mantra!!!
But no, who cares. Will do a film, advertisments, Music album. NO CRICKET. Then why did you started playing cricket in the first place. Don’t know that he has to bowl on the pitch not outside it. Wides he bowls are not wides he is just practicing a newer version of volley ball I suppose so that the opponent never get a chance to touch the ball.
I*I*T of number 1 category. That is what he is.


One thought on “I hate Sreesanth!!!!”

  1. Sreesanth is a big time loser……waht the whole of indians whished to do is what bajji has done to him in ipl……i request selectors not be blind in selecting players. Players like sreesanth should be shown exit door as there are many youngsters who has talent – technique – simplicty to be in the national team…….What bowling he has done even the primary school children will wack him for 4 or 6.on the 6 bowls…..None of the team mates like him in any ways…..from sachim to bajji. he has only got through Luck….luck will not remain throught his life – u need talent – technique..love for the game……He is the only liablity to the national team…..as others are valued under assets. Sreesanth is a loser-loser-loser-loser. We all hate UUU, and never shoe ur face again to the national team.

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