Call Center Memories

Yesterday I read ‘one night @ call center’ by Chetan Bhagat. Thanks to Vishik for lending me his book. Let me tell you that I read it because of my anger for the recent Cost Cutting carried out at one of the BPOs in NCR. The book was light and a good one to read. I could think of myself as among the team members working to generate revenues for our company’s client. AHTs, FCRs, CSATs, DSATs, SPOS, etc and everything swirled my mind. The night shifts, Military calls after 0000 hours, team meetings and the emphasis of APM and TL on SPOS and CSATs and AHTs, all kept flowing inside my mind till I slept. And then the day came when I resigned from the company. It felt that I have left a part of myself. It was really a fun. Chatting with Americans over phone, trying to imitate a foreign accent and after the call reverting back to same old and purely ours Indian accent.We were playing roles as if we were actors. And that too without any re-shots. There was a danger of a Red Flag rising on getting wrong somewhere during the call and it was a common issue. I used to love my job. But there was no job satisfaction, socially. So I left it in hope of a better job!!!!!

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